Sound Effects Workshops

Zip! Pow! Boom! Screech! Clang!

Chatterbox Audio Theater Workshops

Chatterbox is proud to offer an interactive educational workshop on one of the most fun aspects of audio theater: sound effects.

Even in our digital world, audio artists create manual sound effects for film, animation, video games, and of course audio theater! Now your class, business, or other group can get hands-on experience creating wild, imaginative sounds using everyday materials. Whether it's thunderstorms, monsters, sword fights, crowds, car crashes, or forest sounds, we'll show you how to create scenes in listeners' imaginations using only the simplest of resources.

Chatterbox workshops promote creative thinking, analysis, teamwork, and presentation skills. They're perfect for the classroom, the board room, or just as a fun activity or icebreaker!

Workshops are led by trained instructors and are offered to groups throughout the Memphis area. We travel to you! Our instructors arrive at your location with everything they need.

Chatterbox Audio Theater Workshops

Workshops last 45 to 60 minutes and can accommodate up to 30 people, from ages 8 to 80. And every workshop results in original recordings that will be posted to the Chatterbox website!

The fee for a Sound Effects Workshop is $300. Discounts are available for multiple bookings at the same location. Schools may be eligible to apply for funding through the Tennessee Arts Commission's Student Ticket Subsidy program. Contact us to inquire about customized workshops or residencies.

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