Brent Morgan

Brent Morgan

Brent has provided broadcast, narration, and musical vocal talent for various organizations, but Chatterbox represents his first breakthrough into the dog-eat-dog world of local audio theater. It is true, however, that Brent unabashedly had a leg up, as he and Robert Arnold were both founding members of the Rhodes College improv troupe Contents Under Pressure (whose alumni also include Matt Reed and Kyle Hatley). Using his pen rather than his voice, Brent has earned a Master of Science degree in Experimental Psychology and hopes to complete his Ph.D. in 2012. His research areas include cognitive science and artificial intelligence, which he uses to help build expert computer tutors to aid children struggling to succeed.


Role   Show
Tiphys / Zetes ..................... Argonautica, Part 1
Tiphys / Zetes ..................... Argonautica, Part 2


The Nature of Captivity
By Matthew Paul Olmos
Directed by Robert Arnold
If you're in the Memphis area and would like to participate in a Chatterbox recording, check out our open call for auditions!

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