Richard Gamble

Richard Gamble

Richard Gamble was born in Memphis, TN where he now lives and works. In addition to being a working artist, Richard is also member of the electronic music group Agents of Woe. He also co-curates Odessa, a non-profit arts venue specializing in new media. You can see more of Richard's work at

Artist’s Statement:
I have a deep love of images and objects and the coded messages they carry. I use a variety of traditional and non-traditional media to uncover those messages and scramble their logic. The result is a pastiche of memory and history, a philosophical game rooted in visual riddles and dark humor.


Role   Show
Artist ..................... Chatterbox Showcase, Episode 02


The Nature of Captivity
By Matthew Paul Olmos
Directed by Robert Arnold
If you're in the Memphis area and would like to participate in a Chatterbox recording, check out our open call for auditions!

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