The Process

Chatterbox Process

It might be fair to say that every Chatterbox show begins with an idea. In fact, some shows begin with a whole slew of ideas. But it's not until someone takes the time to craft those ideas into words on a page that we really start to pay attention.

In order to avoid copyright issues, Chatterbox sticks to adapting works that are in the public domain, which is why you won't hear a lot of familiar contemporary stories being produced here. Luckily, we all paid attention in English class, so we know that there are a ton of great stories out there just waiting to be reborn. And, because our team includes many talented writers, we're also able to give life to original stories that you won't hear anywhere else in the world.

Chatterbox Process

We leave it to our directors to decide how each show should be recorded. Some are recorded over the space of a week, others in a single day. The only real rule we have is that -- as much as possible -- the show should be produced live. We're not interested in recording separate parts and cobbling them together later, leaving the director and producer to calibrate pauses and construct scenes bit by bit. We love the immediacy and the energy that comes from a room full of people working together to create a single performance. Sure, it's messier, but it's a lot more fun.

Chatterbox Process

Our sound effects tend to be manual ones -- coconut shells for horses' hooves, cascading rice in a drum head for rain, and so on. (Check out each show's image gallery for glimpses behind the scenes.) We revert to canned effects only as a last resort, after we've wracked our brains and raided the junk shops and done everything in our power to produce the sound ourselves. Even with thousands upon thousands of free sound effects at our fingertips (thanks to the internet), we prefer sounds that we can actually create with our fingertips. Or knees. Or mouths. Or elbows. Or... you get the picture. Which, incidentally, is exactly what will happen when our shows succeed: You'll get the picture.

We're a grassroots, low-budget, learn-as-you-go kind of project, and that's part of what makes the whole thing such a blast. If you're interested in helping us create our shows -- our disembodied stage plays, our blueprints for the imagination -- visit the Get Involved page to find out how you can become a part of the Chatterbox family.

Oh, and happy listening.