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07/31/16 - Head, Heart, Courage. Chatterbox's latest release follows an imaginative girl who travels to a magical land without leaving her room. Enjoy Head, Heart, Courage!

06/30/16 - Gawain and the Green Knight. An untested young knight gets the test of a lifetime in our version of the Arthurian legend. Now available!

05/31/16 - The Warriors, Part 2. This month we conclude the moving story of Mary Hollis and her quest to reconnect with her fellow survivors. Part 2 of The Warriors is available now!

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Head, Heart Courage by Chatterbox Audio Theater

Head, Heart, Courage

By Leslie Barker
Directed by Leslie Barker
29:51 minutes | Posted July 31, 2016
Dottie, an imaginative young girl, takes a trip to the magical land of Oz without ever leaving her room. Instead of a scarecrow and a tin man, she encounters creatures made of socks and soda cans, and together they will embark on a quest to meet the wizard who lives under her bed. A fun, family-friendly tale inspired by The Wizard of Oz. More...

Gawain and the Green Knight

Gawain and the Green Knight

As told by Charlton Miner Lewis
Adapted by Robert Arnold
50:41 minutes | Posted June 30, 2016
The brave but untested Gawain sees a chance to prove his valor when King Arthur's court is visited by a mysterious, monstrous Green Knight. Will the Knight's strange bargain prove to be Gawain's opportunity -- or his undoing? More...

The Warriors, Part 2

The Warriors, Part 2

By Evan Linder and Mary Hollis Inboden
Directed by Leslie Barker
29:55 minutes | Posted May 31, 2016
Ten years later, a school shooting survivor reconnects with her former classmates to explore how the event has continued to shape their lives. How do they deal with the repercussions? And how have they each moved on in the wake of tragedy? Based on actual events. Part 2 of 2. More...